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Thank you for your visiting the kokua Web site.

kokua is a relaxation esthetic salon which takes just three minutes walk from Konan exit of JR Shinagawa station.

We offer quality aroma esthetic treatment by Japanese therapist with her whole heart.


Aroma Course


Stretch Course


Powder Course


VIP Course(2 therapists)


The other

admission fee¥1,000
nomination fee¥1,000
VIP Room¥1,000
extra time¥5,000@30min

An additional order

facial massage¥5,000@30min
constipation therapy¥2,000@10min


  • The oil to use in an aroma course uses high-quality oil.
  • Please wear paper panties for a operation.

Flow of the operation

  1. take a shower
  2. treatment time
  3. take a shower
  4. Tea time

Shop Info

Access:Three minutes walk from Konan exit of JR Shinagawa station
Address:2-5-4 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours Open:12:00~24:00


  • Physical contact to the therapist, verbal abuse, intimidation and any other actions that offend therapists.
  • Drunks, drug users, others of a like nature, gangs, or a person who are concerned with gangs.
  • To force therapist to provide unusual service or sexual service, or to do masturbation.
  • To shoot photos/videos, to record, regardless it is hidden or not.
  • Service will be cancelled immediately, if you take inappropriate actions.
  • Please notice that there is no refund in such cases.